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Battlefield 4 box cover
By avatar jesshartley 1 on May 29th, 2013
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amia 49 [ 5 years ago ]

I like the edited wallpaper . But I like to see this with a complete back . In 3D . Anyway' Good luck. o_O

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xShineyThighx 1 [ 5 years ago ]

It doesnt bother me that its not 3d. However i would like to see some work put into it, changing small things like the size of the Dice logo and EA logo help the illusion.

I'm fine with the ammount of current legal information you have on the back, but you should try to condense it some more. If you pull the legal text down to the Barcode, you would have more room for a sick back.

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Resist 10 [ 5 years ago ]

I like the wallpaper but this needs alot of work. I too would like to see it 3D and on the back, some information added along with screenshots of the game. The legal info needs to be moved down and the dice logo should be sized down, good luck :)

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