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Sunshine box art cover
By avatar bludhound 32 on January 28th, 2013

I really wanted to make a box art without any resources, just everything custom. While browsing the net I saw a poster which was similar to the front of this box which lead to making a boxart for the movie Sunshine. So I can't take full credit for the layout idea on the front.

As I said everything is custom apart from the shape of the man which was a picture I found and rendered then turned into a silhouette. The shape of the man is to represent the guy who is always staring at the sun in the film.

I decided not to do any legal info on this as when I tried it out, it just all looked a bit crowded.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this boxart. :)

P.S. Printable version available.

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Deividas 47 [ 8 years ago ]

My favorite movie of all time so i have to fav it :)
The front is quite nice and even though I know what your doing with the back, those who have not seen the movie won't, I think it could have been a little bit better. Still not too shabby

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Pleiades 40 [ 8 years ago ]

I see what you've done with the back, and I like the idea. Perhaps you could have made the silhouette smaller, and add more detail to the sun in the background, similarly to the image you've taken inspiration from.

As for the front, I don't really have any complaints. Maybe a bit too text-heavy in the lower left corner, but that's a small issue.

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jevangod 50 [ 8 years ago ]

Love this movie. Great music. Nice box as well.

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J0rd4n 36 [ 8 years ago ]

great work

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