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Queens of the Stone Age box art cover
By avatar Daemon 46 on January 23rd, 2013
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Combination of custom art and traced from two tour posters and the original album's cover.
Back to my comfort zone. The three renders along with the box itself took about 15 hours total. Enjoy :-]
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Bastart 48 [ 8 years ago ]

Really nice cartoony style on the renders and album covers. The logo could use a light shadow to make it stand out more, but that's really the only thing I notice. The back is great, it really fits perfect together (It reminds me of pop art somehow)

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Martiniii332 48 [ 8 years ago ]

Beautiful. I do agree with Bastart about the logo, but, my friend, you brought an awesome design on the table. Love the render on the back.

Perfect for Kickstart '13.

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Magical 41 [ 8 years ago ]

Great job, as usual.

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payam_mazkouri 39 [ 8 years ago ]


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