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Pokemon Y box art cover
By avatar Josh777 1 on January 9th, 2013
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Just a quick box I whipped up to celebrate the announcement of the first two Gen 6 games for the 3DS - Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. I may do a Pokemon X cover depending on how this one is recieved. Anyway, enjoy!

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Ronthis the Werewolf 39 [ 1 decade ago ]

Not much to critique on this, it's a pretty basic box. I must admit though, the idea is really bland and unoriginal. Same with the box.

You might want to get a new font for the back. As for the front, all it is is a render slapped on a background you found on google. Not much effort was put into this.

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Josh777 1 [ 1 decade ago ]

Yeah, but most of the mainstream Pokemon titles' boxes are pretty basic, if you haven't noticed...But alright, thank you for your critique...I'll try and step out of the norm (albeit I was trying to do a realistic approach to the box) next time.

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Wexter 6 [ 1 decade ago ]

@Josh777 I will give you a fav just because it looks nice and matches the vision you were going for. That and its allot better then some of the more recent new posters.

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