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Kirby Wii U box art cover
By avatar DiscordThePony 9 on August 7th, 2012
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Is this the first box with the official spine? I think so..

Anyway, I had a bit of fun making this. As soon as I saw that the template for the official boxart of the Wii U was out, I jumped on the gun and made a Kirby box for the console. Hope you enjoy.

NOTE: Had to resize it due to file limit.
Credit to Yoshistar for the Wii U template.

[ Box updated on December 9th, 2012 ] [ original ]

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Comment on DiscordThePony's Kirby Wii U Box Art / Cover.

twoxT 34 [ 8 years ago ]

Not bad. The logo and shadows can be better though.

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Martiniii332 48 [ 8 years ago ]

This. I like how you made all of the different renders mix in well.

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LordProctor 4 [ 8 years ago ]

I think you could've fixed the shadows under Meta knight and Dedede, but other than that, not bad at all!

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avatar 39 [ 8 years ago ]

Good box, just Wii U looks kind of gamecubish... Fave anyway :)

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TheNiceGuy 35 [ 8 years ago ]

Definitely an improvement from the wip. Good Job :)

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