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Deadman Wonderland box art cover
By avatar geob01 33 on April 20th, 2012
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This took quite a while, but I'm not sure about the back. I'm really just starting out, so if there is any criticism, please make it constructive.

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Duddyx5 10 [ 1 decade ago ]

Okay, in my opinion. The picture of Ganta on the back. Angle doesn't looks like it was placed flat into image not even put into perspective. That aside, the sketchy images I think don't really work well I think a more stylized look would of been better. I'm not sure if that would of worked better in black or red though... Cover is a fair bit better then back, like the use of the red circles. Would be more interesting to see a bit more of them on back... possibly a couple round screen shots help it tie those in together with overall look... as it is the screen shots on back don't fit in all too well. Possibly try them in B&W or something. Either way it's a good attempt [: An hopefully that helps you.

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