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Warhawk box art cover
By avatar DeadPixels 24 on October 2nd, 2006
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DeadPixels 24 [ 1 decade ago ]

Hello, again.
With this I had to do alot of clipping to get the aircraft looking good (the right wing is just the left wing mirrored :P), I remade the PS3 temp and the Warhawk Logo to get better quality image.

I might make a back cover version if i have any time during the week.

Comments/Rates would be awesome!

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Mr.Speed 1 [ 1 decade ago ]

Nice. The only thing I see wrong is the Sony logo's writing is in blueish. I think there's a clear version in the forum topic, the "basic needs" one if you want... Still 4.5/5 Good Job.

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E_G 39 [ 1 decade ago ]

I also think it should be a white sce logo, I knew you would end up remaking the temp and great job too, must have annyoing doing those very dark shades of blue, 4.5

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