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Super Smash Bros. Universe box art cover
By avatar Josh777 1 on January 3rd, 2012
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DDWariior 3 [ 4 years ago ]

Its not too bad. The logo is a little too large and oddly placed, character proportions are off, and it looks odd mixing 2d and 3d renders.

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Josh777 1 [ 4 years ago ]

Thanks for the advice, DDWariior. Well, it was supposed to give a look of perspective, as Mario is in the front, with the rest in the back. I understand what you mean about the 2D and 3D renders, although I couldn't find suitable ones. I'll make an alternate one later, but it'll be totally redesigned.

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Markiegee94 1 [ 3 years ago ]


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dimentio64 28 [ 3 years ago ]

how is it creepy

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