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game PlayStation 3 » Duke Nukem Forever Box Cover
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Duke Nukem Forever box art cover
By avatar BioHazard-92 9 on September 30th, 2011
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Comment on BioHazard-92's Duke Nukem Forever Box Art / Cover.

BioHazard-92 9 [ 4 years ago ]

hey everyone, this is my first box! I saw how others on the site mad their boxes and followed their example. I hope you like it!

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twoxT 34 [ 4 years ago ]

Good job! :D
I must ask you to type correctly though.

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Blood Pheoenix 8 [ 4 years ago ]

Good Job it looks really good for a first

How about posting some more, auth fav

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deiviuxs 45 [ 4 years ago ]

This is very good for a first. You definitely have good design abilities, in the future however, make sure all the materials used are hi-res quality. Also, I would make the tagline on the back more visible.

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