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Panzer Dragoon Zwei box art cover
By avatar Megatron 3 on January 22nd, 2011
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Megatron 3 [ 9 years ago ]

I absolutely love this game. All the renders though were originally small so there kinda pixelated up close :\

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tmrd 43 [ 9 years ago ]

Your front is very original and amazing to look at. Your back, however, has about 3-4x the amount of text that it needs-I feel like im readin an essay when I look at it. Try looking at boxes in the Hall of Fame to see what I mean. Your tagline's colour at the moment makes it very difficult to read-try changing the colour, giving a stroke (outline) or giving a drop shadow to the tagline to make it more readable. Your main other problem, you are already aware of but you should definitely do something about. Your images are very very very blurry. A rule you should always remember- instead of making images bigger, make everything else smaller. In this case, you should shrink the template so that the images fit better. This stops blurriness, because I would rather a small image than a blurry one.

You are definitely doing well though and that front is magnificent in small view.

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