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Asphalt 5 box art cover
By avatar photoshopfather 27 on November 16th, 2010
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LooseJuice 28 [ 9 years ago ]

This isn't bad but the problem is that the images that you've made focal points (cover and upper back) are distorted. The back image is stretched and pixelated and the front image is just stretched. In the future, when resizing images (assuming you use Photoshop), hold down the shift key and then drag the corner box to constrain the proportions. Also, try to work with high res images whenever you can. If you search hard enough, you can basically find high res art for almost any game, including older games. The skewing to get it on the 3D temp isn't really so good either and the 3D temp is basically useless given that the spine is completely unimaginative (not that much can be done with a spine). You are doing quite well if you are, in fact, new to box arts, but you have to learn the rules of fit and finish to really take your work to the next level.

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