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Amendment VII box cover
By avatar MegaMac 9 on October 24th, 2009
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MegaMac 9 [ 8 years ago ]

This is a little box art (which does not have a back) of which my friend, Jeff helped me make for an 11th Grade history assignment (make a unique artwork pertaining to a certain given Amendment). Although not a huge FF7 fan, I said "Why the heck not?". At the time I wasn't using Photoshop (silly me) and was having trouble with the materials I had. So I asked for his assistance and just recently, which is why I post this, I added a box template and the logos at the bottom right. I debating whether or not to add an ESRB rating, but maybe later. Figured this would be good for the humor section. Enjoy, lol.

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Yoyoddd 2 [ 8 years ago ]

Very nice. I find it a bit strange that Squaresoft would make a Pro-USA game like that, but I really like it!

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