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Assassin's Creed II box cover
By avatar Eco 8 on June 27th, 2009
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axel_master 29 [ 8 years ago ]

Hey Luke,
It looks great and you made that render of Ezio seem so much different to the other boxes which have that render

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Eco 8 [ 8 years ago ]

Credit for the background goes to LOZOR ( which I found with a random Google search.

This is my first box, so give me some feedback and I'll see if I can make it better.


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StarMario22 34 [ 8 years ago ]

You can't read Assassin's well, maby make it white.

But it's a very nice first!

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HolyCowfartsBatman 38 [ 8 years ago ]

Quite nice. I love the way this has been put together, maybe put a light glow under the logo?

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