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Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2 box cover
By avatar Xwind 1 on September 15th, 2007
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Xwind 1 [ 1 decade ago ]

this is my first box ever :)

I know its boring but i suck lol and i used paint :P

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arooguy 25 [ 1 decade ago ]

This is pretty good for a first box. I was
a lot worse on my first box. Keep up the good work!

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werdney 5 [ 1 decade ago ]

I suggest getting the gimp. It's a free image editor, and it's easier to use than paint, IMO. Also, other tips:
-Get an image that takes up the whole box, or scale it down or up to make it fit.
-Don't put a logo over the focal point of a picture, like a face.
Other than that, I suggest playing around with the gimp once you get it. Try out some filters, look up some tutorials on how to get new fonts and brushes, and get familiar with it. You'll be a good boxartist in no time.

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