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Need For Speed Pro Street box art cover
By avatar IceFox 41 on August 24th, 2007
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IceFox 41 [ 1 decade ago ]

'Dr. Jones, no time for love"

Almost 3 MB. If this is not the largest box on this site, it must at least be the widest, hmmm?


So...yeah. My Need for Speed Pro Street box. I know the disc's edges are blurry, I did a bad job cutting (it didn't show up until I put it on the BG) and I had to conceal it and that was the best way to do so.

All needed credits are on the box. Please leave constructive critism if you do not like it. As I said, it almost 3 MB so give it time to looooaddd (and if it's choppy, wait longer for it to finish loading all the way, it's pretty crystal clear). Oh, and I couldn't find a good PS3 temp for the back so I did what I did with my 360 and PC boxes (see profile)

1024px tall, 2000px wide. Oh yeah...


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Dark_Shadow 8 [ 1 decade ago ]

that's ok but I don't really like the back, and I think you should have put the official logo everywhere cuz on the CD it's not the same logo than on the box itself.

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Nerdysimmer 40 [ 1 decade ago ]

It's pretty good, but it's not the biggest boxart on this site: *hint* mine is "seriously" bigger than this.

The back needs a little more work, but the front is alright. The disc (using my idea, eh?) has a different logo on it as well. Also the PS3 template on the disc isn't vertical, it horizontal.

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