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By avatar Sarashi 45 on September 15th, 2015
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Edited version of the template I made for my Fate/ZERO box.
Doesn't exactly follow any publisher's style, but it's based of a scan I made of a Funimation Region 1/A DVD/Blu-ray combo pack. The table used to include both DVD and Blu-ray information but when remaking it, I omitted 2/3 of the table by removing the Blu-ray section. In this way, it's a lot more flexible, and all the text is editable. It's currently set out for Aniplex USA releases, but I'm sure with minimal effort you'll be able to change it to Sentai Filmworks or Funimation or whatever,

However, as it was something I was doing on the fly for my own personal benefit when making my box, it's kinda messy so you might want to edit the text you want and compress the rest to one layer.

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Sarashi 45 [ 5 years ago ]

Here's the PSD: link
(It's in the comments so if I need to edit it or change the link I can after 48 hours)

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Martiniii332 48 [ 4 years ago ]

This is great. Thanks.

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