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    Life itself is always going to be disorganised.

    I used to believe in karma in the sense that if somebody does something wrong to another, even if it didn't directly affect me, that karma would get them. That idea that I'd invested my time and emotion into became the opposite of what I actually believed it to be. If I'm almost waiting with bated breath for karma to get them, is karma not going to get me? for hoping the negativity I believed they deserved comes to get them? It was something I thought would get me through my own problems, but ultimately it is only me who can do that.

    You could be a drug addict, an alcoholic, a violent person, anything really, and you could just decide to change that. You could do a total 180 and become an entirely new person, positive person, but life will always play a disorganised, unpredictable role in these decisions. You could do all of this and still be hit by a bus. That is pure circumstance that we cannot predict or control.

    You have to be prepared for things to just not go your way. You almost have to expect the worse and train your mind to not fear it because subsequently the positive things that happen in your life are going to be that new drug for you, or be that new beer, or be the stress reliever you needed when you were violent. If you expect the worst, the best will be twice as uplifting.

    We live in a world where people don't or very rarely actually care about the life story of someone else. We only care what directly affects us, our lives, our safe places and our day-to-day lives because people are too caught up with things such as social media where you post a vague status on Facebook about how you feel or a photo of the fantastic day you're having on Instagram, and we lose track of our actual day because we're living in the past. We keep going back to that status or that photo to see how many people we've reached, and what nice things people have said about us so we get this forced dopamine injection that 'helps us feel better'.

    Maybe not today, next week, or even next year, but there will come a point where you are tired of being in the same routine and you find things you want. It could be a car, a partner, a vacation, whatever you desire, and you will create natural dopamine because you've created excitement in your mind. If I do this, I can get this. It's hard work, and it doesn't come immediately like, to go back to the social media thing, many things now are. Instant gratification. We're used to having what we think we want in a short time, that we lose sight of genuine accomplishment, satisfaction and happiness.

    The reason you were trying to articulate this post for so many hours was because you were trying to find it in yourself to understand more about yourself. These forced dopamine injections we have in life aren't fulfilling and we lose ourselves and forget who we are. We keep up appearances to impress our peers and our 'inner-circle'. It takes strength and care to start finding yourself again and it's actually a sign that you want things to change. The person you're terrified of isn't you. You haven't met the person you're terrified of yet because the person you're terrified of is the one you don't want to be. You want to succeed and feel happier and not be stuck in the same routine of self-destruction, and you will‚Äč get there.

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