Hello everyone and thank you in advance for allowing me to register for this site and taking your time to help. I think I may have found yet a new hobby to add to the seemingly info infinite amount of hobbies I already have.

I have found an individual who will create custom steelbooks and more interestingly enough do them with swingtray disc holders in them that can hold 3/4 discs. Naturally, I'd like to have custom steelbooks for my PlayStation 1 RPGs, such as Final Fantasy VII, VII, and IX.

Does anyone know where I can get high res scans of the inside and cover art to those? I would like them to be exactly the original artwork minus where it has the black lable that says "PlayStation" on the side/top.

Also, if I were to attempt to find these myself, what would be an acceptable resolution for the person to print on a steelbook?

Thank you again in advance guys