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Thread: How to Dunk at NBA 2k19

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    There are plenty of approaches to score in NBA 2k19, however, dunking is one of the few movements that you'll never get tired of seeing. Rocking the rim with NBA 2K MT a monstrous dunk will definitely get your performance contained in the game's highlight plays. So, how exactly do you perform a dunk?

    Ordinarily, you can dip by sprinting towards the basket (R2 for PS4, RT for Xbox One, ZR for Switch) and either moving the shot stick in any way or pressing the shot (square for PS4, X for Xbox OneY and Y for Change). If you use the shot stick, you may pick from an assortment of dunk animations based on the direction of your shot stick. For instance, moving the shot into the opposite side of the basket will make your player perform a flashy dunk, while moving it towards the basket will make your character perform a two-handed dunk. Proceed the shot stick into the left or right side while forcing to carry out a left or right-handed dunk.

    Ake note that player stats issue from NBA 2k19. Your character must have a large enough dip stat to perform a dunk; if not, he'll likely execute a layup instead. Furthermore, players who have a high enough Standing Dunk rating can carry out a dunk even if they are not moving towards the basket. Lastly, the best of the best could dip over defenders.

    While dunks just score you two things, NBA 2K19 MT Coins is definitely a hard shot to contest for defenders. Furthermore, getting fouled while dunking grants you a three-point opportunity, should you land the dip and the free throw shooter.

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    This thread changed my life.

    I can't wait to shoot some hoops and dunk some dunks..

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