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Thread: Do you have a pet?

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    Default Do you have a pet?

    Do you have a pet? Let's talk about them and share your experiences on having a pet or the things that you want to do with your pet.

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    I have a 3-month-old labrador and I love him so much that I bring him wherever I go. Carrying him around got me tired so I look for a better option on how I can bring him with me without being a hassle, so I started looking for a better option and I saw these pet carriers which is a perfect fit for puppies. When you put the puppy inside the carrier you don't need to worry about ventilation because it has a breathable mesh net where they can breathe perfectly which will make your pet feel comfortable. What do you think about the product?

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    Do catgirls count?
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    Johndick coming through with the pet carriers! When my friends ask me why I have all my pets with me it's because of Johndick! Thanks Johndick.

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    Hey, I agree with you, I too love pets and it is really fun carrying them around.

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    I have a cat. Her name is Daisy and she is the most adorable British cat in the world. I tried to picture her to show you but she is not in the mood. We had to make a course of medication after a hard flea infestation and she is a little upset now after all those procedures. Fortunately, we got rid of fleas (here is the manual for all pet owners). I even don't know where could she pick it. Our basement is always closed.

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