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    I'm new, obviously. I just came across this site yesterday and all I have seen is posts regarding how the site is dead?

    I have noticed it's a little slow but regardless, I would like to start submitting some cover designs and join in.

    So I have a quick question. Do i need to reach a certain number of forum posts or something before i can post attachments? I wanted to upload something to the WIP board but I don't have the right to post attachments.


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    It's been a while, but I don't think there is a certain number you need before you post an image? Just take the direct url after you upload it to imgur or another image website and then put it in the place of "url"

    [IMG*] url [/*IMG]

    Also, without the * there. If you're confused, it's BBcode: https://www.bbcode.org/reference.php

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    Image hosting site and put the url in what lucid said.

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    Awesome, thanks guys. Will try it out.

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