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    Hey guys! How are you all doing? I'm here once again to show all of you my newest cover box art of MegaMan Xtreme 3 as a way to express my wish for a new MegaMan game after MXX: The Elf Wars which I did recently. In case you want to know, I'm currently trying to make some new fan-fiction story projects for MegaMan Xtreme 3, MegaMan X: The Elf Wars and MegaMan X9 that should've been made into a game many years ago. Anyway, this is my design:

    Full Image: https://i.imgur.com/eROAEHB.jpg

    As you can see, I decided to include the villains from the Battle Network series with dark personas, characters and personalities is because I'm trying to make it into a what-if scenarios and storylines, like what-if Bass EXE, ShadeMan EXE, Kid Grave and DarkMan EXE weren't meant to appear in Battle Network but in MegaMan X timeline/universe instead and also because they look more like a Maverick version of their characters. They are known as the Darkloids, so I'm trying to add some dark, evil and sinister vibes around the cover box art. In addition, I added X's red energy scarf from Command Mission because it's taking place between X8 and X9. I really need help on the back cover as I feel lost and have no idea at the moment.

    What do you guys think? Feel free to comment down below.
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