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Thread: Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition W.I.P

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    Look, while every version you post is an improvement, you still don't have the basics down on the front and the back is still not very interesting. Here is a little mock up I made, trying to stick close to your design, but tidied up. This is what it should look more like. Take notice especially on the front, about the size and placement of logos as well as image quality. It is important to always remember to use the highest quality images possible, and not just the first one you come to. Even the one I made isn't finished and could still be improved, as it has a lot of things I am not happy with on it, but it was only quick, as I think showing you were you are going wrong is easier than telling you.

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    Screenshots should be horizontal oriented rather than this arrangement you made.

    Also, try to find on google images "Minecraft Premium Themes" for the Xbox360's Dashboard, these are actually wallpapers... killer wallpapers.

    And it's not 3D compatible... at least not the Xbox360 version, which I'm assuming is the same as the PS3 version.

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    The front is incredibly blurry, due to the fact your stretched it from a smaller image. NEVER do that. It starts to add pixels that doesn't exist, and thus creates that blur. Instead, find a larger image and scale it down (proportionally, which you can do by holding SHIFT while scaling it). The proportions for the logos are scewed as well. To find larger images to work from, you can alter your google filter like so:

    I'd also suggest working at a high resolution/size, as opposed to something of real-life scale, since you can scale it down and have something a little more HQ then. However, that is personal preferance.

    But honestly, I think you would go a better direction with a different background as opposed to the original cover art. The back needs cleaning up to in terms of organizing your content. You need to break it down, but still have a flow to it so the viewer can basically move from headline to content to legal information, which doesn't necessarily mean you just slap things down going horizontally.

    You can have the screenshots be bordered with some of the blocks from minecraft. Just really, you need to worry most of all for legibility when it comes to your text and the backgrounds they're on.

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