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    Default Glitch Art

    This is a short tutorial to how to achieve glitch art/a glitched effect that looks authentic.

    WARNING: This involves alot of fuckery with RAW files. If you really don't want to do that, you should probably look away.

    WARNING 2: This is here because none of you check the tutorial section. It has the least traffic on the forums and that's really shitty of all of you. you should be ashamed.

    Well, what is glitch art? It's intentionally corrupting images to get an effect not usually possible with photoshop itself. It's a real handy tool for when you're making art for games such as Watch_Dogs, which run on this as an aesthetic.

    Basically, you take a image like:

    And then you save them as .RAW files on photoshop.

    Now, here's where it get's fiddly. You need a neat little program called Audacity, which is a sound editor meaning it does soundy things. Now now, stop scratching your head I'll explain.

    Import Raw Data to Audacity.

    Now you see that .RAW file, MAKE SURE THE CODEC IS U-LAW. it's now in the editor as a sound clip. You can listen to it but I bet it's gonna sound like the bowels of hell. Unless you like ear rape.

    Anyway now comes the fidly part. Now you can mess around with the sound file, cut some sound out, replace it with data from the other images to make a weird glitched blend. Just experiment, this effect is about trial and error. Try something like adding effects such as WahWah and Compression. Maybe Amplification. You're pretty much free to mess around.

    Open it back in photoshop, set it to the original resolution with three channels open.

    If you made some drastic changes you'd get something like this:

    A bit extreme but that's just because it was a MAJOR change to the original image. But again, it's all about experimentation, you can get very different results by experimenting.

    Here's some examples:

    So there you go, you have an authentic glitched image that you can use for all your Nine Inch Nails and Watch_Dogs.

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    I like.
    a la cho

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    Pretty cool but this should be in the Tutorials section.

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    Wow! What a beautiful picture !! Photoshop is an art -)))!
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    This technique using Audacity is pretty neat! Although I believe making the glitch effect manually would get better results, but a nice technique nonetheless. Great job, Mub!

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