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Thread: Uncharted Collection box art

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    Smile Uncharted Collection box art

    I was going for a Godfather feel for the cover and found this artist who did a great sketch of Nathan. I thought about putting the Naughty Dog logo or Sony logo on the front but didn't want to cover the artist mark. I'm pretty good at Photoshop but don't have it on my laptop so I have to settle for Paint.Net. I plan to add the description of each game on the back with some sort of creative borders with the pictures. So how is this so far?

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    I like the drawing, but his fame seems really wide.

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    I made so it'll fit the whole front but now since it's noticeable I'll keep it so he'll look normal but just zoom in on him. Show that artist love http://kairi-moon.deviantart.com/art...rake-147029424

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    You should make the face normal and rather try and fill out the sides so that it'll look good. He looks really weird here.
    Wishful thinking, to bad they'll never make a new Zelda based on the ALTTP graphics.

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