Vitiligo patients are basically a problem of common concern: how to control the

progression of vitiligo? vitiligo treatment He

Ning, hospital experts recommend the following aspects of vitiligo patients from control of

the development of vitiligo.
The greatest feature of vitiligo is easy to spread, if the blind treatment, the

condition may also increase, white spread. So to go to hospital for examination of

professional skin diagnosis to develop individualized treatment programs for control of

disease progression. Control of 白癜风 vitiligo should

avoid all UV radiation, amount of ultraviolet light on vitiligo treatment is helpful, avoid

excessive exposure.
Vitiligo experts advise: Control of vitiligo is not only to understand the

the cause of vitiligo, but also about what foods to

eat on the impact of vitiligo. Avoid taking vitamin C, eat less or eat vitamin C-rich

vegetables and fruits. Such as green pepper, tomato, citrus, grapefruit and so on. Another

spicy, too sour foods also need to pay attention to eating.