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  1. Glad you enjoyed it.
  2. I have listened to a few of you QOSA suggestions. I have no idea why I haven't checked them out sooner, they're great, every song is unique and I am having fun exploring their library I'd say Era Vulgaris is easily the best album, but they're all great in different ways.
  3. Hey, you still on for the collab? I kinda forgot about it since I've been busy lately :/
  4. Ok good luck in the comp, I'll keep an eye out for it. Also, good job on your Fallout 3 HOF box!

    I have some more material for you if you need a little more in terms of villains and such. You need not use it, but it may be helpful.http://imgur.com/9E9eL
  5. I'm still working on it, but my competition box is taking priority right now, to be honest. Once I've submitted it I can fully focus on the collab.
  6. How's the boxart going? Just out of interest.
  7. It's Shale, who is a rock golem from Dragon Age: Origins, which is probably my favorite game of all time.

    Yes, the PSN situation is bad but Sony would be fools not to bring it back up soon. I expect it to be back up some point this week.
  8. Can I ask who the character is on your avatar? He looks pretty badass.
    Also, if you've been following what's been going on with PSN recently.
    It's pretty bleak unfortunately, Thursday is when it'll be back IMO
  9. wow I love your Ghosts n goblins avatar
  10. thought so but I wasn't sure lol....
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